My favorite 2015 Bride Wedding Quote

We had the great pleasure of working with some really great couples last year.  They were down to earth, happy, relaxed brides and grooms who truly enjoyed their wedding day.  But my favorite quote from the year comes from one of my best brides and went something like this….

I walk into the room where she’s getting ready.

Bride : “Hi Jennie.  Everything going ok?”

Me: Smiling… “Of course, things are great”

Bride looks at me for a second and goes “Who am I kidding?  It’s not like you’d tell me if it wasn’t”.

Nope.  I wouldn’t.  You’re 150% right about that.  And why is that?  Because you had the foresight to hire someone to worry about everything for you!

That’s something you can’t put a value on.  And guess what?  It usually costs about the same, or less, than your wedding cake.  Don’t believe me?  Click here, check out the info, and let’s chat.

Still not convinced?  Wait a day or two and then read our 2015 Wedding Day Saves blog post – coming up shortly!

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