A New Home

Believe it or not, we’ve been in our office almost a year now.  It was our first “home” and it was a trail.  We wanted to see if it was worth the expense.  Did we really need somewhere to hold meetings, or did it make more sense to go back to Starbucks as our “home base”.

The past year has proven two things

  1. We NEED and WANT and WILL ALWAYS HAVE an office.
  1. We need more space.

If you haven’t been there, the current office is one large, kind of strangely – shaped room that’s about 350 square feet.  It’s good.. but not good enough.  We had too many times were clients wanted to meet at the same time and it’s not the format that allows us to hold more than one meeting at a time.  And we’re being overrun by all of our stuff.

So with great pleasure and excitement I’m happy to announce that BDP is moving….across the street.  We have a wonderful landlord and he had a perfect space available in the building right across the street from our current one.

And so we get to upgrade…. to nearly 900 square feet!!  A main meeting area (think our “BDP LIving Room”), a showroom, an office, another office, and best of all… a really large, walk in storage closet!!!  We are IN LOVE!

I’m so excited to post some pictures for all of you once it’s done.  We have a wall to take out this weekend, some crazy carpeting to rip up, a wood floor to put down, blinds to remove,  moldings to paint, a logo to post, well you get the idea.  It’lll take a few weeks to get it up to par.  But as soon as we do, you’re going to get to see it.  It trust me, it’s going to be amazing!!!



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