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2015 Wedding Day Saves!

It’s that time of year again!!  Time for my annual edition of “Wedding Day Saves”!

Year to year, this is always the most popular blog post we do because not only does it freak out even the most calm bride, but it also shows you just a small portion of what a good day-of coordinator will do for you!  So sit down, relax, read through just a few of our team’s 2015 saves, and then click here to find out how we can help fix these types of issues on your Big Day!

In 2015, The Tux Hated It’s Buttons

Every year we seem to have one thing that keeps going wrong – last year it was leaning cakes.  I preferred this year’s problem… buttons kept falling off of tuxes!!  Seriously, if I had a nickel for every button I sewed back on this year, I’d have like $1.00!

Don’t always trust the deliveries

I did a wedding this year at a very cool summer camp.  Luckily as I was leaving their rehearsal the night before the wedding I thought that I would just do one quick check of their glassware.  It had been delivered earlier that day and looked like everything was there… until I got into it.  Good news is they had 500 champagne flutes for 200 people… bad news is they only had 20 water glasses.  Spent the next two hours on and off the phone until they were delivered, at 10pm the night before the wedding.  Cheers!


We had a bride this year that had this awesome cuff-like bracelet made of metal.  Unfortunately, it got stretched a little bit too much and as a result became loose and was threatening to break all together.  The bride REALLY wanted to wear it so I told her I’d find a fix.  I have to admit, I’ve done some different things in my career (like hooking a mic up through a bouquet), but sewing a bride into a bracelet using fishing wire ranks up there in the list of “MacGyver” solutions I’ve come up with.


With more and more “open concept” venues popping up it’s no surprise that some of our duties have morphed.  We did a lot of weddings at Packard Proving Grounds, or private residences, or Belle Isle Casino this year.  All of these venues are amazing but have one issue – if you run out of liquor / beer / glasses / plates, who is going to get refills?  We are!!!

I don’t think the beer cooler is supposed to do that…

I had the immense pleasure of having a keg cooler explode on me… twice… in one night.  Let’s just say there was a lot of lost beer on the floor, a few ruined linens, and a complex fix to get the beer flowing again.  But we did it and fortunately I didn’t get stopped by the police driving home.  Not sure I could have explained the beer smell….

Ring Bearer’s flower was bigger than his head

Most well qualified florists will ask you the age of your ring bearer (or flower girl!).  They aren’t taking a silent poll, they are making sure they size the flower right.  Unfortunately one of this year’s florists didn’t ask that – and instead sent a full sized boutonniere for the 3 year old ring bearer.  No joke… it was bigger than his head.  Good thing we could pull a small spray rose from an arrangement and make a new one, huh?

The rehearsal dinner arrangements were a great idea… except for that wind!

This past season we worked with a whole crew of our favorite vendors at the amazing Hilltop Manor Inn in Clarklake Michigan.  (Seriously, it’s an awesome place if you’re looking for something!).  As part of our coverage, we were on site to help with their rehearsal and to setup the rehearsal dinner.  One of our favorite florists, Kevin with Twigs and Branches, was on site to setup baby’s breath in wine bottles along a LONNGGG family-style table situated in front of corn fields.  Yes, you read that right and it would have been amazing… except the wind kept knocking over the bottles.  No matter how we arranged them or weighed them down, they just wouldn’t stay upright.  So we revamped and instead lined the bottles in a long row down the tables and made a runner with the baby’s breath.  In the end, it was SO much more beautiful than the original plan that we all had to take a second to pat ourselves on the back!

And because I can’t write up ALL of the saves we did – here’s a few more:

Apparently we enjoy working 18-20 hour wedding days….

That time your church coordinator made you cry

Flute down (CRASH!!)…. flute down (CRASH!)…. yep, another flute down (CRASH!)

Gotta setup (a lot) to tear down!

Because you forgot your overnight bag 45 minutes away

Washington Twp to Marysville to Washington Twp to Marysville to Macomb to Marysville to Washington Twp

When your venue decided, on the day of your wedding, that they wouldn’t setup your favors after all.

Those times we ended up making your floral centerpieces at the last minute… twice.

Because if your bartenders are running 45 minutes late, we can setup your bar for you.

Heard enough?  Then click here to find out how we can truly make your wedding day stress-free!

My favorite 2015 Bride Wedding Quote

We had the great pleasure of working with some really great couples last year.  They were down to earth, happy, relaxed brides and grooms who truly enjoyed their wedding day.  But my favorite quote from the year comes from one of my best brides and went something like this….

I walk into the room where she’s getting ready.

Bride : “Hi Jennie.  Everything going ok?”

Me: Smiling… “Of course, things are great”

Bride looks at me for a second and goes “Who am I kidding?  It’s not like you’d tell me if it wasn’t”.

Nope.  I wouldn’t.  You’re 150% right about that.  And why is that?  Because you had the foresight to hire someone to worry about everything for you!

That’s something you can’t put a value on.  And guess what?  It usually costs about the same, or less, than your wedding cake.  Don’t believe me?  Click here, check out the info, and let’s chat.

Still not convinced?  Wait a day or two and then read our 2015 Wedding Day Saves blog post – coming up shortly!


I’m thrilled to finally (have time to) share with you that BDP has yet another permanent team member!  Megan Owens joined our crew as a summer intern last year.  As has happened in the past, she immediately blew us away with her work ethic, attention to detail, and overall awesome attitude.  Because of this, we knew we just had to keep her!!

Megan has a Bachelors of Arts in Education from MSU (GO GREEN!) and is currently pursuing a Masters of Arts in Teaching at Marygrove College.  She has two fantastic children and may or may not be dating one of our favorite photographers! 🙂

Besides her love of Pinterest, Megan also has a hidden talent for ping pong and spent some time working as a special education teacher.  Like so many people in our industry, she developed a passion for weddings & events and decided to gain some experience in the field.  We are SO pleased to have her join our team as an official Wedding Assistant and can’t wait for her to continue to grow and expand her position with BDP!

Reasons to hire a wedding planner

Over the years, I’ve seen (and written) quite a few posts about all of the reasons you NEED a wedding planner.  However recently my friend Shannon with Clicking Through Life Photography emailed me her own list and asked me to proof-read it.  I read through it and realized it was one of the most accurate, and concise lists I had ever read.  So of course, I asked if I could share it with all of you.  So here it is… the top 10 reasons you need a wedding planner!

Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner 
10. Sounding Board — Wedding planners are a huge creative resource. They listen to your vision and dreams for your wedding and bring their creativity to the process to help your vision come alive.
9. Big Picture — When you pick a venue they often give you a “wedding coordinator” from the venue to help coordinate the day. This person is NOT the same as an independent planner. He or she is the venue’s catering manager and their job is to make sure that everything having to do with the facilities runs smoothly. While they are helpful, they do not cover the scope of what an independent planner does.
8. Budgeting — Wedding planners have been in the industry for some time. They know what things should cost and the difference in value. They can help you navigate the often confusing waters of wedding industry price tags and balance your budget around YOUR priorities.
7. Enjoyable Process — I’ve observed so many brides through the process of planning their wedding and when they do it without a professional planner, oftentimes by the time the wedding comes around, the process has been so stressful that they just can’t wait for it to be over. Planning your wedding is supposed to be an enjoyable process. A good wedding planner helps you enjoy the journey.
6. Mediator — A good planner serves as a buffer in tricky relational situations. It’s a known fact that it’s impossible to make everyone happy when planning a wedding. A planner is a safe neutral person to point to for direction. It’s easier to tell your future mother-in-law, “My planner thinks we need to….” instead of “I think we should….”
5. Timeline — Your wedding day will involve numerous vendors who need to work together to insure that the day goes smoothly. A planner understands how each vendor relies on the others and serves as the team captain who coordinates the complexities of the timeline with all its moving parts.
4. Knowledge Base — This is likely your first time planning a wedding. Planners have been in the industry for years and are experts in protocol, etiquette and everything it takes to pull off an event of such magnitude. They are a HUGE and readily accessible resource for education.
3. Background — In addition to possessing a wealth of knowledge, planners have been in the industry long enough to know who the players are — which vendors can be trusted and who has the best business practices. A referral from someone who has roots in the industry is GOLD when you’re having to place such a high level of trust in those you previously had no knowledge of.
2. Save $ — I have had the planners I’ve worked with tell me that they can actually help their clients save enough money on their wedding to cover the cost of hiring them! How unbelievable is that!?
And the #1 reason to hire a wedding planner is…
1. Stress — The difference in the stress level of a bride who has a professional planner and one who doesn’t is palpable. When it comes to the day of your wedding, the most important thing is that you are able to relax and enjoy it. You are the bride. You don’t want to end up being the point person for issues and questions that will inevitably arise. Hiring a planner frees you and everyone you love to live in the moment on your wedding day.
Thanks Shannon!
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