Month: February 2015

The Holy Grail of Skin Care!

I’m changing it up on the blog today… here’s a little “beauty blog” for our soon to be brides!

I had picture perfect skin throughout my teenage years. I would say that’s pretty uncommon for most teens going through those hormonal changes, but I really lucked out. However, it caught up to me.. quick. My life post high school until about a week ago has been a messy ride. I’ve dealt with every skin issue in the book. Oily skin, large pores, black heads covering my nose, cystic acne, and the worst of all — scars from all my troubles. I came to the realization that this was just something I was going to have to live with. NO ONE, should have to feel like that.

For starters I have to say, I’m a product junkie. Some of us are into buying shoes, others into purses… (I’m definitely into those also)… but beauty products is where my money is really spent.  You name it, I’ve tried it. I can’t even think about all the money I’ve spent on crap that doesn’t work. I’ve even gone to the extreme of trying birth control, twice, which left my with a non-functioning liver. That’s a whole other blog though!

Last Saturday, 2/21/15, I struck gold. I made a stop into Sephora to return yet another failed $60 product. The sales lady was trying to convince me to take my $60 and turn it around to buy this detoxifying face mask. Something told me “No Nicole, don’t waste your money again!!”. I left and headed to Ulta to buy a few misc. things as I always do. At Ulta I was asking the sales person there if she heard of the face mask Sephora was trying to sell me. She said yea… but I have something better for half the price. She pretty much sold me right there. She handed me PUR Dirty Girl Detoxifying face mask. It’s line from Bare Minerals. For $30 bucks I thought what the heck I’ll try it. With my new face mask in the bag, I mosied on over to find some other things I could blow my money on & found The Body Shop Tea Tree line. After staring and reading for 30 minutes I decided to buy the Blemish Fade Night lotion. Between these two products, my life has changed forever. I know I sound kinda ridiculous, but when you’ve battled this for so long finding something that actually works makes you feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

I used the mask twice, and the lotion every night in the past week. Every. single. blackhead. I’ve had is gone. My pores are shrinking, my skin is GLOWING, my scars have FADED 50% IN ONE WEEK!!!!! I could just jump & scream right now!! I am so so so excited for summer to roll around & not have to worry about caking on my foundation when I’m trying to enjoy fun in the sun on Lake St. Clair. I actually bought a BB cream, because I don’t need buy heavy duty full coverage $60 foundation anymore.

I really wanted to share this to not only bring praise to these two products, but to hopefully help someone else who struggles. The best thing about it is these products are very reasonably priced. See the links below for the holy grail of skin care, also a few other things I love & work into my beauty routine!  TRY IT LADIES! I hope your results are as perfect as mine. 🙂

The Body Shop, Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion
It’s all in the name !!

PUR, Dirty Girl Detoxifying Mudd Masque
I believe this is the product that is literally extracting all of the dirty ness from my skin

LUSH, Grease Lighting
Great spot treatment. Dab a bit on the troubled area, moisturize & you’re good to go friends!

LUSH, Ocean Salt
Great exfoliate! I use this everywhere


LUSH, Dark Angels
Another great exfoliate & cleanser. I use this on my face more than Ocean Salt because the lack of alcohol. Using the Ocean Salt on my face to much dries it out and causes irritation.

The “Off Season”

So I have to start this blog post by saying that I recently attended a webinar from Wedding Wire that talked about fine-tuning your marketing and inquiries techniques.  The best take-away I got was that I should be using my “real voice” while working with the business.  So instead of saying what you should hear, the way you should hear it, I need to act like myself and sell the business for what it is – a crazy good, group of talented wedding professionals that just KNOW what we are doing, are fun to work with, will make your wedding or event PERFECT, and truly enjoy our jobs.  Given this, I am going to try to write this blog post the same way you’d hear it if you were talking with me… so I hope you enjoy it.


There’s this thing in the wedding business called the “Off Season”.  Most people call this season January thru March… we call it our break.  Except, it’s not…not anymore.  I am so blessed that the business has grown SO much and expanded to include SO many fun things that my “off season” has been completely erased.   I mean sure, my husband and kids actually get to see me on Saturdays this time of year, but other than that – I’m just as busy working to make this business the best it can be … and to make sure we can provide you the BEST options for your wedding or event!!

Because it’s been an exciting season so far, I want to share with you just a touch of what we’ve been working on these past few weeks:

  • 31, 2015 weddings are on the books and more are coming in each day!
  • We participated in Bridal University Detroit, and I got up in front of a large group of people and gave a 20 minute speech about how to break traditions without breaking etiquette.  Yes, it was scary.  Yes, I didn’t LOVE it.  Yes, I am glad I got the huge opportunity to do it!  (Plus we got a personalized “love note” from Sam Saboura for the office and that’s just awesome)
  •  We are gearing up for Rock the Veil, a new type of wedding show coming to the Royal Oak Farmer’s Market in March.  Check details here –
  • We now have an amazing deal worked out with two of our favorite vendors – Clicking Through Life and Twigs & Branches Floral where our brides can get all three services (coordinating, photography and florals) for an AMAZING price!
  • We continue to work on finding new vendors that can provide great services for all of you…. plus, we just really like the excuse to have bakers deliver treats, cupcakes, and cakes to our office! #WeLoveFood
  • We’re working with some of our preferred vendors to do a winter-wedding inspirational shoot.  It’s going to be awesome!
  • I have some new ideas for the business … what services we provide, what we can do for you, how we can do it… and I’m not telling you more than that…for now.
  •  Lastly, we are working on this AWESOME new conglomerate of wedding professionals that will provide a new, unique, DIFFERENT type of wedding company…. we’re calling it “The Block Party” and you’ll hear more as soon as we have the details ironed out…but it’s gonna be great!

So enjoy your Winter Off Season… we’ll be here working if you need us.