Month: November 2014

Wedding Day Saves…2014 Edition!

Now that we are officially at the end of the 2014 Wedding Season, our team was meeting to discuss various things, one being the blog.  We were brainstorming ideas for blog-worthy topics and talked about our most popular blog ever – “Why You Need a Day Of Coordinator”.  If you’ve never read it, I suggest you do so… it outlines some of the craziest things we’ve had happen at weddings and what we needed to do to “save” them.

So we thought… let’s do it again!  We have a whole season behind us and one that included quite a few “Oh My God” moments!  The best part is that we make it a point to not inform our couples about issues unless we absolutely have to.  So hold on 2014 couples, because there’s a good chance at least one of these happened at your wedding! 🙂

The leaning tower(s) of baker(s)
Not sure what was going on with bakers this year, but we had at least three cakes that were leaning and threatening to take a tumble off their stands.

Now, just about the only thing we can do is watch it and say a silent prayer that it makes it through your cake cut… but in at least one case we had to pull forward the cake cut and tell the venue to make sure the cake was taken off the dance floor IMMEDIATELY following the cut.  That wasn’t to clear room for your guests…that was because we were that sure that your cake wasn’t going to stay upright another 5 minutes.  Better it takes a controlled fall in the kitchen, don’t you think?

The Broken Bustle(s)
If I had a dime for every bustle I sewed this season, I’d have like $5.

You take your dress to a responsible tailor, they do your bustle, and it’s like they don’t think about the fact that you’ll be dancing, and hugging, and getting stepped on for an entire evening.  Because guess what?  Like 50% of the time, the bustle breaks.  So what do we do?  We sew you into it.  You’re welcome, seamstresses everywhere!

Missing Boutioneers
You’ve got  A LOT on your mind planning your wedding.  It’s really no surprise that you might have mis-counted and forgotten a boutioneer, or two.

When we found out about the first miss, we were lucky enough to be able to catch the florist at the reception venue and have them make another one.  However, when you realized a few hours later that you had missed a second one, the florist was LONG gone.  No worries – some flowers out of your centerpieces, some ribbon, and the emergency kit and you have another boutioneer matching all the others.

Let’s get this straight – they’re called “Hydrangea” for a reason

Hydrangea are amazing beautiful flowers.  They’re also just about the perfect flower for a centerpiece because each stem is relatively inexpensive, and it takes up a TON of room in your arrangements.  That being said, brides should think twice before they decide to use the flower in their bouquet – especially in the summer.  If those hydrangea aren’t kept in water they don’t last…and I don’t mean they wilt at the end of the night – I mean they literally look dead before you get down the aisle.

So you can imagine my surprise when I picked up bouquets from a new florist for a wedding at 9 am and the bouquets were all hydrangea.  The strange thing is all of our florists will transport these types of bouquets in vases of water – because, well, they need water.  Not this one – they pulled them out of the water, packed them bare into boxes, and handed them off to me.  It was 9am.  The flowers weren’t going to the house until 12pm and the ceremony wasn’t until 2pm.  Guess what?  You would have had dead flowers.  So I took them home and packed them into every vase, glass container, and coffee mug I had – leaving them there until the last possible minute.  Your flowers thanked me.

4pm is not the same as 12pm.

Yeah…have another florist story (and I want to stress, NONE of these stories are from our preferred florists – they’re way too good for these things to happen!).

Florist was supposed to setup our large, 450 person wedding, at 12pm.  So after the ceremony Nicole and Heather headed to the hall and arrived about 4:30pm, to find the guest tables completely empty!  Before a frantic phone call could be made, the florist came running in – realizing that they now only had 45 minutes to set the entire room before the couple arrived.  We’re talking huge centerpieces – multiple per table – as well as all of the table numbers.

Luckily Beautiful Day had four people on site and we took over – we filled gigantic cylinder vases for the centerpieces, we cleaned and placed all of the table numbers, and we did everything that needed to be done to make sure those flowers were all in place before you entered the room.

There’s some of the best (or worst, depending on how you look at it!) from this year.  Not wanting to make this blog post about 100 pages long, I’ll just list some of the others for you here…

  • Turns out, there’s no power in the woods for your ceremony.
  • Yes, you probably should have something to put your cards in.
  • Some photographers aren’t actually good at coordinating family photos.
  • You left your decorative cane back at the hotel?  No worries, we’ll drive 30 minutes round trip to get it!
  • The lighting that was supposed to be done yesterday still isn’t done and your reception starts in an hour.
  • Turns out they lock the metro-park gates at 11pm, and your reception shuttle needs to come in at midnight….
  • Hey guess what?  Your shuttle driver is in St. Clair Shores instead of Shelby Township.
  • Afraid of heights – but we’ll still get on a 10 foot ladder for you…multiple times.
  • Your florist forgot one important bouquet…yours.  We’ll go to Oak Park to get it!
  • Your service company didn’t bring enough people…so looks like we are bussing tables!

Turns out it takes some work to coordinate a band, a group of string musicians, a full lighting and sound company, a dance troupe, and a wedding party of 14.

A HUGE thanks to the whole Beautiful Day team for making the 2014 Wedding Season a success!!  You guys ROCKED!

– Jennie –